CD-reviews buiten BeNeLux

You as a versatile virtuoso surrounded by artists who do their thing at the same level? It makes for masterpieces anyway. That is already apparent from that first song, Spirit of the Skog. Warm piano sounds take you away to completely different places. It is not only the red thread through this song. It is also a feeling that continues to haunt us through the complete EP. And that is to a large extent the merit of a cross-pollination between so many talented musicians and vocalists within this unique band. Jazz, Soul and dreamy music styles are jumbled and that creates a beautiful whole.

Because indeed the input of special vocalists like BERG during the miraculous Hallelujah Irronically or No Need where the very soft vocal decoration, backed up by an equally stunning soundboard, gives you a head in the throat. In addition to an added value, it is actually the main theme throughout this album. There is no lesser song on it, and there is no specific statement. With this kind of music, that is not necessary. Let us just dream away the album.

We can therefore decide:

Sound walls are therefore not broken down on this EP. Also, the urge to experiment does not cause the average jazz enthusiast to frown. The typical Jazz roads are thus further scanned. But just by descending an intense warmth, through narcotic sax, intoxicating piano, guitar and percussion sounds, you feel and kind of happiness descending on you, which you leave with a broad smile. Supported by that equally vocal decoration, Orcastratum delivers the perfect Jazz record, with a nod to Soul - especially through that vocal input - in which sensitive strings are constantly touched. From start to bitter end. All this within a rather simple framework, which just because of that pierces right through that heart.