Work "cinematic", influenced by jazz, blues, classical, soul, African music and trip hop, "Orcastratum" appears at Compuctio May 18.

ORCA - derived from the Latin "Orcinus", for orca, that the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus (father of modern taxonomy) described in 1758 as ... sophisticated, mysterious and intelligent. 
STRATUM - a group categorizing a population. 

Orcastratum 's first album , released May 18 at Compuctio, was produced in London, recorded live and filmed at Dean Street Studios in Soho, and mixed in the famous Kensaltown Studios. Orcastratum is the brainchild of British composer, studio musician, arranger, sound engineer and filmmaker Glen Scott , who has received numerous awards. 

The stimulus came from a personal need to create a music that turns away from the conventions ofmainstream music today and its sometimes too predictable character." The expression of music and this form of art is an essential part of my daily balance and serves me as a kind of therapy.With Orastratum, I continue the quest for my soul, hoping to get myself and others a limitless inspiration . " In addition to his solo albums and singles, Glen Scott's list of collaborations is as impressive as it is varied: Mary.J.Blige, Craig David, Backstreet Boys, Eric Bibb, James Morrison, Buika, Beverley Knight, Ron Sexsmith, M- People, Cat Stevens, Dr.Robert, James Blunt, Mike Posner, Shawn Mendes ...

The philosophy of Orcastratum is to change musicians to each album . We find on this first album some of the most prestigious and most requested international musicians.


Eric Bibb, singing and guitar (NYC) 
Solo Cissokho, singing and kora (Senegal) 
Binker Golding, saxophone (GB) 
Shaneeka Simon, singing (GB) 
BERG, singing (Sweden)

As Eric Bibb says, " Glen Scott has been my classmate and collaborator for years, both in studio and on stage. Musically, it's my soulmate! Orcastratum is like a sonorous and timeless Polaroid of Glen's vision and I am honored to be in the picture "